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Clergy of the Holy Light - Moon Guard US

Who are we?

The Clergy of the Holy Light is a roleplaying guild on Alliance Moon Guard US. The guild roleplays as the College of Canons of the Cathedral of the Light under its elected head, the Archbishop. We play the members of the original church seen in the Warcraft games, the RPG books, and in World of Warcraft. We hope to continue to breathe life into and build upon this lore for our own enjoyment and the enjoyment those who choose to roleplay with us. Our primary directive is to preserve a high quality of immersion and cohesion among the Light-focused roleplay community.

What do we value?

The Spark of the Virtues, Respect, is the acknowledgement of Truth. This is the first step to unity with the Universe is to understand the connection that there is a way of things. One may respect their brother by recognizing soberly that he, too, is of the Universe, and that the self and the other have a fundamental connection.

Tenacity is the steadfast pursuit of what is right and just. Tenacity is not simply industry; it is a rightwise determination. If the Spark of Truth catches, Tenacity is the quickening flame of the Light that catches and enlivens the soul with a zeal for justice and Truth.

The Crown of the Virtues is Compassion. Compassion is not only being kind; This crown, gemmed by the jewels of Respect and Tenacity, is the heart engulfed by a perpetual flame. The Compassionate Heart has no regard for self-preservation, for the engulfed heart would consume its self in the pursuit of the good of others, if it could.

The Holy Link

The Holy Link is a divinely telepathic communication system facilitated by the Holy Light, and binding all the faithful together in union. Whilst it is not suitable for extended communication, it can be used to share thoughts about significant events in which the faithful should be involved.

((OOC)) The Holy Link is a cross-guild channel that is used to announce upcoming events of interest to the Holy RP community. Because it has such a large membership, it should not be used for conversations, but only for announcements about upcoming and current events where participants are welcome. Join and remain in the Holy Link for these updates by typing /join TheHolyLink