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Hello, and thank you for applying to The Clergy of the Holy Light!

Our officer core thoroughly reviews every application that we receive. It can be a time-consuming process, but we endeavor to respond to all applications within 7 days of submission. If it has only been a few days, please hang tight! All submissions receive a text response regardless of whether they are accepted, denied, or deferred until further info is received.

If you are having one of the following problems with your application:

  • You are unable to submit your application due to technical difficulties.
  • You are unsure if your application submitted correctly.
  • You noticed an error after submitting and cannot edit it.
  • You would like to withdraw your application.
  • It has been 7+ days since you submitted and you have received no response.
  • An officer has posted a comment, but you are unable to respond via the form.
  • Your application has been rejected without a reason supplied.

Then please contact any officer in-game. You can find the officer roster here.

If you are having a problem not listed above, please make a thread in this forum explaining your issue (or contact an officer directly).
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