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Sister Callistrate
Commander of the Noble Guard

Human Templar
Born in Duskwood
Age 33

Joined the Stormwind Military at the age of 17 and has been involved in every major war from the first opening of the Dark Portal until the latest return of Legion. At the age of 29, was honorably discharged by her own request to become an Order Templar, which is more or less a soldier that serves the Light but in a nondenominational fashion, serving in this capacity in the Silver Hand Chapter. Afterwards, she served for a year in the Scarlet Crusade as Crimson Legion, due to the death of her sister at the hands of Scourge. Returned to serve the Lightwardens, obtaining the rank of Master Templar. Transferred officially into the Clergy of the Holy Light, to continue her work as Noble Guard.

Prefers to be addressed casually as Sister, Callistrate, or both; unless on duty. Her main role in the College is to build and maintain the Church's defensive military, although she will handle priestly duties such as healing and other such things; if a member of the College that normally would handle it is absent, and if it is something allowable without overstepping her role in the Clergy.

Views neutrality and betrayal with an equal contempt, having little patience for the middle ground. However, is not a zealot with a one track mind and will speak with those outside of her belief system, although her own convictions will not be compromised. Tends to be unimpressed with evildoers.
-Sister Callistrate, Commander of the Noble Guard
Clergy of the Holy Light.