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We have a lot of great characters in this Guild, may as well learn more about them via a contest every 2 weeks. Writing Challenges will earn you Gold, could improve your writing skills, and further your characters own History.
Are you new amongst the blessed College of Canons or are you just looking to meet your brothers and sisters in faith? Allow this to be where you can introduce yourselves and meet your peers.
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Stories & Writing

[Pinned] How to Use This Forum

Thank you for taking an interest in sharing your creative works with the rest of the guild!Please use this forum to share your short stories, longer works, poetry, IC writings, and anything else that you might have written. We encourage all of our...
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Stories & Writing

Jade's In Character Writings

The twenty-fifth of King's Calendar, Six Hundred Twenty-SixYour Holiness,I have written this report and account on the behalf of the faithful within the Township of Crestshire. As of the twenty-sixth day of the prior month the people of...
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Stories & Writing

Elevaan's Trials

Elevaan completed his Paladin training under the mentorship of Sir Paulidarius, where he was instructed in the ways of kicking ass and being really kosher and 'chill'. Elevaan's trials included journey's such as recovering a holy relic in Duskwood...
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Stories & Writing

Cho Ironheart's Trial of Tenacity

ImageThe wind howled around her, the darkness surrounded her form, silhouetted by the full moon. She was perfectly still, much like the mountain she sat upon. As a gust of wind tugged at the blanket she held around her, one blue eye peeked open an...
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Stories & Writing

Winter Veil Zombie Event!

Orobus has requested help from The Clergy with a 'pest' problem in the mountains north of the southern mountains of Duskwood. Everyone has gathered for this rather natural sounding task.[Orobus-MoonGuard]: "This is where all the noises were report...
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Stories & Writing

Athena's Trial of Compassion

Often times when I think of compassion, love comes to mind. The love for one’s family, or for one’s friends. It’s a powerful emotion: manipulative, energizing, and wonderful. It can drive us to do incredible things, but it can also drive us to do...
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Stories & Writing

Stanford Burton's Trial of Respect

Stanford was just four years old when his father sat him down in their home and said "Your mother and I think that it is best that you have another trainer other then me because I get busy with my duty. I have asked an old friend of mine to train ...
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Stories & Writing

Nikelia's Trial of Compassion

My name is Nikelia Greywicke, Sister of the Clergy of the Holy Light and Squire to Dame Fiona Cooke. For my Trial of Compassion I have been called upon to write a paper defining what it means to be compassionate, who one should be compassionate t...
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Stories & Writing

A Whisper from the Past - Chapter One

Our story begins months ago, before the Mother Maeriann vanished without a trace...“I have a home here now. I have a new life… stop packing my things, Randal!” Maeriann shouted at the old man as he hurriedly stuffed random clothes and trinkets int...
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Stories & Writing

Contemplation of the Light

Isabel's IC musing on the Light. Feel free to comment on the ideas and share your own. I wish to expand my RP.Contemplation of the LightIsabel sat in contemplation of the Light, and it's very being. Since joining the Clergy she had been listening ...
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Stories & Writing

Journeas' Trial of Respect

Question 1You are leading a band of knights to war under the authority of the king. During your travels you decided to take a shorter rout through open pastures. This rout will save you two days of travel. Midway through your shortcut, you are sto...
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Stories & Writing

A Knight At Last

After his knighting ceremony, Deldoric returned to his clan's home deep in the halls of Ironforge. Entering his old room he went to the foot of his bead, opening a large chest. Slowly, almost reverently, he removed a set of armor, a sword and a sh...
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Stories & Writing

Isabel's Trial of Tenacity

Isabel's Trial of TenacityIn CharacterThe very definition of the of the word Tenacity is the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly. Isabel stared hard at words in the book before her. In all honestly this was the Trial that she pe...
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Stories & Writing

Isabel's Trial of Respect

Isabel's Trial of RespectBack StoryOne did not have to look to deeply to see the pride Isabel Ruxton carried for King and country. She was, after all, a Lady of Stormwind. She had been raised by a Lord and father, who had survived the fall of Stor...
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Stories & Writing

Athena's Trial of Respect

For the past week I have postponed writing this letter. The events it would detail have transpired too soon, I feel, and despite the invaluable things it has taught me… it still remains rather personal, and though my trial of respect is complete i...
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Stories & Writing

Del's strange night

As Del sat at the bar of the Golden Keg, having had his third mug of mead and feeling quite tipsy, the barkeep pipes up, "What seems to have you down my good dwarf?"Del looked up from his drink and sighed heavily. "Been a strange night." The bar k...
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Stories & Writing

Del's Report on attack on Edonia/Baelyon

Edonia's condition after being found injured in the lower levels of the Cathedral:Burns on her exposed parts of her body, namely her hands and feetFel energy throughout her bodySpoke a name, Baelyon.Fi and Deldoric went in search of the named man ...
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Stories & Writing

Ed's Log of Thoughts and Healings

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Stories & Writing

Deldoric's Trial of Respect

When I was asked by Brothers Ren to write this for my trial, I'll be honest, I was quite stumped. There have been very few people that I don't get along with in my life, which made finding a story to tell difficult. But one did finallyrics come...
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Stories & Writing

Falerion's Trial of Compassion

Finishing his previous trials he had to take part in a Trial of compassion a trial that took all others trials and mold them into one. For one must have respect to have compassion on others, one must be tenacious to understand others and be compas...
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