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Journal of Cicero Moldorov

by Moldorov on Oct 19, 2012 at 11:16 AM}
Cicero Moldorov, Devout of the Church of Light
Age of the Fading Mists

I have arrived at the Cathedral of Light after a hard days work assisting Stormwind with the means to aid those on the front with healing and prayer. As I look around I spot many men and women making peaceful chatter amongst themselves, the soothing flow of the fountain's waters filling in the background. I make my way up to the Cathedral of Light where stations the Clergy of the Holy Light. I make my way into the hall to find a ceremony taking place in the Hall of Light where prayers and benedictions take place.

I fill into the crowd gathered around. Obviously, someone is to become anointed perhaps? A proud day for the Clergy as the priesthood increases day by day. As for I, my loyalty will be with whomsoever devouts themselves to the Light, that they in so doing, would give their lives for the good of the church. But what is good? What is good that what bad may substitute its benevolence for so much despair, fear, and doubt in the world?

I have joined the Clergy and I humbly give myself to their teachings willingly. Though for my philosophy on the Light, I still have much to learn. My goal is to covert the populace that they may follow the Light's ways. The Discipline of Light will have a good example of what I mean to create into a new text called, The Stoicism of the Holy Light. Which will teach us how to behave if we are to accept the Light's Graces and understand its nature. "To be filled with doubt and shadow, is to be weak and helpless", is what my father taught me as a boy, just as I was becoming an altarboy for his parish. On the contrary for this philosophy, if one is to become disciplined in the Light's Graces, one must put aside these feelings of not just fear, doubt, and despair, but feelings of self-consciousness as well. To be stoic in the face of the Light is to know wisdom at its heart.

For this occasion, I might as well bring along some ink and quill to write my thesis on what it means to be Stoic in the Light's Holy Rays. Perhaps tomorrow if Bishop Moorwhelp can supply me with the books I need to complete my endeavor.



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