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A letter to the people of Stormwind

by Loshai on May 10, 2014 at 11:23 PM}
(1)Greetings people of Stormwind from the Clergy of the Light. (2)I go by the name of Loshai as a brother of the light. (3) I write this letter to you for immediate action in your province of Westfall. (4)You may be living comfortably in your homes with the most amounts of food but unto you brothers and sisters I say to look towards Westfall. (5)From the teachings of the light we learn to be compassionate to those in need so you should help those in need. (6)If you have 2 loaves of bread give one to the wretch in rags rather than your glutenous desires. (7)If you lose one sandal riding on a cart toss the other rather than find the one you lost. (8)For that sandal brings comfort to one who blisters his feet farming for food that barely exists. (9)To you who hires the prostitute in goldshire, give the whore's pay to the church for we bring food and clothes to those in need. (10)The coin you give provides the funding for that food and clothes. (11)And finally to the tailor who puts his hand made robes on the auction house for money, give it to the man in Westfall, freezing and dying providing for his sickly children. (12)Abide by these words and the light shall grant many blessings upon you and your kin. (13)Disobey my words and the light shall give you your just due.


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