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A Letter to the Archbishop

by Maeriann on Nov 05, 2014 at 12:43 PM}

Maeriann looked up from the table and could see the light of the moon shining through the rose window, hitting the stone floor of the nave. The candle nearby flickered and a late night silence crept over the Cathedral. She took her quill, tapped it on the edge of the inkwell and her words began to fall onto the parchment below.

Dear Most Holy Father,

My life has bared witness to considerable change in these past months. If I could place my finger upon a phrase that constituted the current state of affairs, I would choose ‘thunderous’.

As the storm rolls in across the hills and over the plains, the ominous sounds of thunder crashing and impending doom strikes fear into our hearts. However, this perilous and ill-boding herald is often false in his cries. His promises of calamity are often empty, and those brave enough to remain firm in their faith are rewarded with life-giving tears poured from the sky.

This storm may yield real dangers, for which I shall prepare myself for any contingency. The Church shall remain stalwart as the very stone foundation on which it is built. While our flock may scatter in the face of adversity, the shepherd will inspire hope and courage.

Most Holy Father, I must put this to you: Who cares for the shepherd?

The shepherd, robust and ever intrepid, is still human and susceptible to feelings of sadness, love, hope, anger and envy. I have established an ethic of duty first and self second, but I still yearn for guidance myself. Selfish as I may be in this request, I cannot deny my truth. I cannot deny how often I wish for your presence.

You have inspired my very faith and devotion in the Light from whence I first stepped into the Cathedral of Light. Your teachings cultivated my fealty. Your service to the Church stirred the introspection of how I value charity and beneficence. While time continues on and I grow in my wisdom, I still ask for your direction.

Forever unworthy I shall be in a seat such as this. While you sequester for matters of contemplation and deep thought, I send this letter to you with the hope that it will inspire you to return. Our Kingdom hungers for their Most Holy Shepherd and I selfishly shall join in their plea.

Please, Most Holy Father, come back to us.


~Superior Mother Maeriann
Auxiliary Bishop of Stormwind

A few tears rolled off Maeriann's cheek and splashed onto the parchment. She used the cuff of her sleeve to wipe her face and quickly hide any evidence of her sorrow. She then grabbed for the red sealing wax to her right and held it in the flame of the candle. After pressing the wax into the base of the letter, she plunged the official episcopal stamp down.


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