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A simple tome with green embroidery on the front:The journal of Lianellie Quinne

by Lianellie Quinne on Jul 30, 2015 at 07:44 PM}
30 July 35LC

It's been a while since I've written in this, actually since I have left the League. A lot has happened, and all of my thoughts have been kind of accumulated in my mind but there is too much to write down. I will just start with what happened last evening. Never did I get a chance to really work with other groups when I was with the league, there was that one time where we set out with the dwarves of the dwarven vanguard, but that was so long ago, it's hard to remember what all had happened, but last night it felt good to assist with the objectives of others.

We went to Tanaan, a forest in what was the new portal that had opened up into Draenor. Never once did I ever expect to step foot into such a strange land, but it was really an eye opening experience. The beauty of the area was unmistakable, even despite the devastation the so-called iron horde had created. I couldn't help but stare at all the wonders but there really wasn't much time to gawk at the landscape.

When I was placed into the group I was set to work with several different types of people. I was working with a druid and I hadn't really gotten a chance to know one besides Sergeant Nevermore, but he was hardly ever around so this was kind of the first time I had ever really seen one in action. The way he had shifted into a bear is still extremely fascinating to me, and how they can do so without being in pain is just amazing, then to go around and fight, it was truly a sight to see. I am really glad I got to witness it, I had also worked with several others, and to be able to help them, I feel a sense of respect for all f them, it's really a good feeling to know that I can go outside the clergy to help out and actually make a difference with people.

I guess I am glad that I could take my mind off of my worries and just do some good for people, that's what I've wanted all along and I had always felt like I was hindered by my affiliations before but not anymore.


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