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The Quest to find myself [Andiesiel's Pilgrimage Journal]

by Relond on Feb 01, 2011 at 03:57 PM}
-This book can be found in the library that's located at the Northshire Abbey-

Day 0 - Prologue:

Today is Monday, January 31 and I'm currently located at Raven Hill's abandoned inn. This is my first day of the vast pilgrimage and from stormwind I decided to head southern. Me and a dwarf brother named Vorkus are heading out and away from the clergy to attempt to fix ourselves. I don't know why he decided to tag along but all I know I must mature mentally and. . . .emotionally. Lately, I been getting emotional shifts from anger to happiness and back down in a snap. This is a problem for me as I can't seem to get ahold of myself. I fear my passion have tainted me with shadow energy something bad or I'm just been too obsessive about her. She is probably the only person I'll miss during my entire Pilgrimage, My dearly beloved friend Tia. Anyways aside from that, me and vorkus seen something not even the light can explain. Stormwind lack of detication of neighbors. I have been to westfall for the very first time and it wasn't a pleasant sight at all. As soon as I walked into the area I seen a bunch of people eating mud. Their clothing was torn and destroyed even the children suffer from such. . . things. I looked away as soon as possible as this sight have pierced my very heart, even humans can be assholes to each other. The land was ruined by extreme ammounts of cyclones,elementals,thugs and the worst of it all. . . .an elemental warp in the middle of Wetlands it seems. The land was forsaken from stormwind eyes and it filled me with such sorrow and anger. . .I'll head back there once more to give out prayers. After the trip to wetlands we went into Raven Hill, The land was dark and eerie at first I thought it was just the trees covering the sky but. . . I was wrong. Tonight I sleep in an old inn that smells heavily like death and worgen piss. Ugh, I hope we move on from here soon. . . .soon.

Day 1 - Undead breaks loose

Damn Vorkus scared the living fel out me this morning! While I was asleep he started clanking bones together and doing light moans. When I heard that I sprang up to my feet thinking that the undead overran the inn. Thank the light that it wasn't that ugh. We went over to Darkshire and to my surprise I found a High Priestess of the Night Watch. She was a Draenei woman standing around my own height with elegantly curved horns a tender blue skin. We all sat down and we started speaking about Duskwood and it's areas. She handed us a map of the area and marked the areas that was plagued with the undead. I'm going to head off and purge them tomorrow night for sure. Afterwards, she invited me to her room she was staying at. I must say for what was the exact reason I don't know but I broke off the tension by speaking about the pilgrimage and the reasons why I was really going around. We talked for ours and it seems she was adept in mind magic as she suppressed my emotional turmoil with a swift wipe. I soon got knocked out from this and I woke up . . . . .differently with the priest gone. I left to check on the mail to see if Tia received my letters but it seems not as I found letters from Father Moorwhelp asking for my assistance so I ran to Stormwind as quickly as possible only to meet up with Balverine. We went to Dire Maul and we teamed up with a small group of people to get a relic of time. It consisted of a bitchy warlock, quiet paladin[Balverine], Valorous Paladin, Holier than thou priest, and a priest with potential who haven't ready for battle .. . .oh right how can I forget the "I'm better than the world!" Death Knight ugh, go rot with Arthas. Anyways, we started to head through the area but I felt weird when I did so. . . .I felt strong,confident and I was quiet throughout. What ever that priest done to me it seemed to fixed me up. One thing I noticed though is the Draenei priest started to get close to me emotionally and physically, hiding behind me when danger appeared, speaking to me, even going as far as kissing me and wanting to meet me afterwards. Too bad that I still have my mind on Tia as she wasn't a bad person. . .I hope she finds someone out there. Bal swears there is something going on with me and the Draenei but little does he know. . .little does he know.

Day 2 - Change

The dwarf have disappeared from the inn it seems, hmph figures. Confident of the boost of my abilities I tackled Raven Hill by myself. I must admit that was the worst mistake and best action I took so far. Once I arrived at that location I quickly and effortlessly took down the wave of weak skeletons and mindless zombies. Heads was flying off with each slam of my staff,bodies was blown up by the holy energy and legs was running in an attempt to survive. I was slicing through the numbers like a hot knife cutting through butter but that's where it ended. Quickly a giant came along and started beating me down. . . from that encounter I don't know what I felt but it seems I seen what I really was and who I am actually. My emotions blown apart in one move as I was empowered by shadow energy. The giant still defeated me even with the comeback but. . . . .what I really am is something I don't wish to become. A cold person who care only for himself and his personal gain also made of pure hatred. Part of that stood though as it opened my eyes. I woke up soon after with some worgen that nursed me back to health, the worgen priest have stated there was a technique on the mind that was messing around with my own head. The results are permanent but it wont cause more harm anymore. We talked for hours about the situation and many of them have spoken about betrayals and such. I never liked Worgen before this and once I heard such stories I could relate to them much better than anyone else. I decided to head out with them to Gilneas and from there I will finish my Pilgrimage to the Plaguelands. I stood up on the cot and took a blade cutting off my long hair into a short spikey style. Doning the Gilnean robe they gave me since my robes got torn apart this signals that the Andy everyone knew is gone. . .I don't need anyone to show me any pity. All I need is a few close friends and the light, the clergy will be my mentor and I will live my life differently. . . to mark this change for good. . . .I will ignore my passion for Tia to me she is just a clergy member and a student nothing more. . . . after I'm done dying my hair then to Stormwind I go.

Day 3 - What's with the Draenei Women?

No seriously what is it!? I mean one day I'm just a normal dun-ho elf and the next all these Draenei ladies are coming up and giving me kisses this is like the fourth or the fifth one today! Oh well but today I met someone, someone I think we might get far with I wont do the same mistake with her as I did with Tia. I shall let it slowly go out and see what happens afterwards. Oh right before I go on about the new chick, today I went to class and it seems no one even bothered asking where is my hair,what happened, why do I have Gilnean clothing not even Mae who I used to talk to on a daily basis but oh well friends are easily replaceable. Weed out the ones who don't really care and replace them with someone better, no need to weep about it. It seems Bal got an open wound, he surprises me though as he took the pain head on while everyone was making a massive horde around him. I don't blame them though, we are all family and we should watch out for each other but that kid can take more than what people believe. Anyways, back to the lady. I ran into her once when I was picking up my custom staff from the mage's district we actually bumped into each other before giving off a good look at each other. I thought of her as a random person so I went through the day normally. I went to the blue recluse for a nice soft alcohol drink to go about my day but to my surprise she was there sitting alone. I ignored her though and found no one interesting so I placed her table on the bottom silver coin and the empty table with the top. I flipped it and it landed right on the bottom so I say with her. We talked for a while and we took a walk around the city speaking about each other and things after the walk and the rating of stormwind we went back to the mage's district and sat down watching the sunset. She asked me if I wanted to eat some dinner with her but I had to decline the offer, clergy lessons comes first. After it was done we met up again and we spoke about our past at the same spot watching the harbor then we decided to jump off the tower into the water, she held my hand tightly her skin smooth as a silk cloth. I must say this is like the day I went to the lunar festival with Tia but enough about that she is of no importance. After the swim we sat down to dry ourselves off and some worgen started calling her a whore. I noticed her ignoring the worgen group with ease and even though I wanted to shut them up I followed her actions. She had to leave for work soon after but she didn't leave without an implant on my cheek. Tomorrow I get to get ready to go towards Gilneas and it will be better, she invited me to stay at the inn she will be residing at tomorrow at Ironforge since that's the direction I'm going Only the light will know what will happen but lets see. . . . .Today was a good day, a good day indeed


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