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Priesthood of the Faith

The path you have chosen is one of great self-sacrifice, abnegation and stewardship. While your secular contemporaries enjoy the delights of earthly pleasures, you have chosen a life of spiritual transcendence. Although the temptation to return to a life is self-indulgence is great, you have remained chaste; for this you are granted an unparalleled connection to the Holy Light.

The road you face is not without challenges. Many have come before you on this path and have established the tenets of our faith, which is the lifeblood of our Holy Mother Church. You will learn to protect our sacred teachings while accepting those from all walks of life. There is a fine line between tolerance and intolerance, and you must straddle that delicate line.

It is you who must protect your flock from evil forces that would seek to do them harm. Take up your staff. We welcome you to the...

"I've been sworn in... What do I do now?"
Welcome to the Clergy of the Holy Light, known in-character as The College of Canons! We welcome you into our ecclesiastical order and look forward to getting to know you and your character! Please read our Guidelines and Expectations to best prepare yourself of what is to be expected of you. Are you ready to get started?

We ask that you adhere to the following dress code rules for your time spent as an aspirant priest. The uniform is meant to be simple in nature for aspirants, but not a permanent set.

Robes: Airfield Defender's Garb: This is a white robe that can be obtained by doing a few quest lines in Dun Morogh (entire quest line takes approx. 20-30 min) from starting with Sergeant Bahrum and eventually getting to the quest of Grimaxe's Demise! for which Airfield Defender's Garb will be a reward. If you have done the quest in the past and have long since sold/disenchanted/pitched the robe, the Aurora Robe is the same model, which can usually be found on Auction House. However, the robe can be very pricy, so please make sure you investigate whether or not the quest is still available to you. If you do not have the funds to buy the robe, or you did the quest and misplaced/accidentally sold your robes, talk to an officer, because we may have some in the guild bank.

Helm: Aurora Cowl/Shadow Council Cowl/Holy Shroud: This is a cowl to cover the heads of our brothers and sisters. This piece, while somewhat optional in its use, is recommended to have as part of your habit.

Shirt: A shirt isn't required, but if you would like your character to wear a shirt, any of the upgraded guild shirts, such as Initiates Shirt may be worn and can be purchased from Shay Pressler in Stormwind.

Shoulder: Aurora Mantle (Optional): This is an optional addition to the habit. The shoulders are dropped from various creatures.

Feet: Knitted Sandals: These sandals can be purchased from Carla Granger in Stormwind.

• No Cloak
• No Gloves
• No Bracers
• No Belt
• No Tabard (not even ours)

Priests are typically passive, focusing their time and energy towards studies, so you aren't required to carry a weapon. However, should you wish your character to carry something, they have a few options.

Staff: Short Staff (Optional): This simple staff can be purchased from Janos Hammerknuckle in Northshire. This is NOT to be worn during liturgy.

Book: Tome of the Dawn (Optional): Seeing that the bulk of your aspiring priest's time is spent reading over holy texts, it would be common for them to be seen carrying books around the Cathedral.

Lantern: Beacon of Hope (Optional): The Cathedral is full of many dark and dusty passages, which requires some illumination to find the way, especially in the evening. Your aspiring priest may need this lantern to find their way.

"Okay. I'm all dressed up and looking pretty. What do I do now?"
You are going to report to either a Deacon or Ordained Priest of the Church. They shall be able to guide you on what you need to do. You have to attend seminary regularly and study the holy texts.

While your time will be mostly spend on the academics of seminary, you will do well to trail an ordained priest to gain first-hand experience of what it means to be a Priest of the Faith. When you are not occupied with studies, you will be expected to offer help to guests of the Cathedral of Light and give help to those in need.

We look forward to seeing the kind of Priest or Priestess you develop into over the following weeks. Good luck to you and Light's blessing.