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The Committees

You've never been one to stay on the straight and narrow. Instead of choosing between two distinct roles within the Clergy, you've blazed your own trail. Some may doubt your motives, but you've become an essential part of the Church, and have proven your worth time and time again.

Each "Committee" has been established in the College of Canons to fulfill a certain role or task, whether long-term or temporary. While each committee operates independently from traditional rank and file, they are all answerable to the Chief Shepherd.

Your path is not an easy one. You often face skepticism, disassociation and ridicule. Your efforts are often thankless and your good deeds may remain secretive, but that doesn't keep you from your duties. Your loyalty to the Church is impenetrable and pity the poor soul that questions it.

You are of the select few that have been chosen for your exemplary skills and knowledge. The Church offers you to be part of...

The Noble Guard
The Noble Guard consists of a very elite few of guards, paladins and other plate-bearing individuals. They have been hand-picked by His Holiness to assist in matters of the First See. They are often seen as the personal bodyguards of the Archbishop and other Bishops.

Current Members:
Past Commandant Mardias

The Office of Inquiry
The Office of Inquiry is established to be the legal advocates of the Clergy, ensuring purity of doctrine within the Clergy as internal affairs managers. They are are sent to investigate especially sensitive matters and operate the Clergy's own Canon Law.

Current Members:
Inquisitor Superior Jadelia
Inquisitor Tevaran

The Nunciature is the name for the collective body of ambassadors and public relations officers with the Clergy of the Holy Light. They ensure peaceful relations with the various bodies of the Alliance, working to move the Church closer to the powers that be, and, when necessary, the powers closer to the Church.

Current Members: