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(Mar 28, 2016)
I must see you in-game, mister!!
(Mar 28, 2016)
(Mar 28, 2016)
Not in Clergy, but.. Adra!!
(Mar 27, 2016)
It's been three months since I last shown up. Who here still remembers me?
(Mar 20, 2016)
Any of you miss Mellar yet? I do.
(Mar 18, 2016)
Congrats, Aaravin!
(Mar 16, 2016)
Two awesome years! I love you all!!!!
(Mar 15, 2016)
Wonderful event!
(Mar 15, 2016)
Website redesign (slight overhaul, really) coming next week.
(Mar 11, 2016)
Fun times.
(Mar 06, 2016)
Noble Guard handbook added to the Handbooks and Guides thread.
(Feb 24, 2016)
(Feb 23, 2016)
New organisational chart and vocational handbook drafts are finished and will be available soon. Be ready!
(Feb 18, 2016)
Walk of Penance! Walk of Penance!
(Feb 16, 2016)
Yo, you are good.
(Feb 16, 2016)
You think we are just going to forgive you just like that!? YOU NEED TO END THAT "problems..." WITH A COMMA, NOT THREE DOTS! I cant forgive that. >:( <3
(Feb 03, 2016)
Sorry for my absence guys...I'm trying to get my WoW to work, among other problems...I hope to be back soon! :D
(Jan 17, 2016)
I am very sorry for all the delays! Go check your character for mail! :D
(Jan 16, 2016)
How come I haven't got a letter IG yet D: Been like... a few weeks now
(Jan 09, 2016)
and several thousand babies