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(Oct 04, 2015)
What/how long is the jump supposed to be?
(Oct 01, 2015)
I have a question for you all. Will any of you be adhering to the time jump?
(Sep 30, 2015)
Today we are having a knighting in Ironforge at 10pm Server! It would be most wonderful if you would all come!!!
(Sep 21, 2015)
=D Hello allied friends! Please feel free to attend our event tonight at 9:30 Server! Whisper Sunnir!
(Aug 24, 2015)
I'll be back on soon. It'll be today if I'm lucky.
(Aug 16, 2015)
I won't be on for a while with school starting up again.
(Aug 05, 2015)
And I've returned to WoW hope I haven't missed much while I was away this short time.
(Aug 04, 2015)
-Executes enter key for its heresy.-
(Aug 04, 2015)
down tomorrow.
(Aug 04, 2015)
I will be returning soon. Nearly have enough recyclables to redeem to add cash to what I already have on hand. I'll possibly be taking them
(Jul 30, 2015)
I love how our new beautiful archways to the Halls of Residence and the Academy of Divinity hold up a billboard about how delicious Subway sandwiches are with avacado...
(Jul 26, 2015)
good you dont deserve it
(Jul 26, 2015)
Me either.
(Jul 25, 2015)
Apparently I do not have permission to enter the new door which awaits me
(Jul 25, 2015)
Pants are only as long as you want them to be.
(Jun 23, 2015)
"In the world of chimpanzees I was a money!" said he, whom was the voice of a generation
(Jun 19, 2015)
Sir Tenevus Stromheart, heretic and excommunicate of the Church of the Holy Light. May our ic prayers to the Light reach his soul.
(Jun 08, 2015)
Aw, we loathe you too, Tion! <3333
(Jun 08, 2015)
I loathe you all.
(Jun 08, 2015)
I'll be returning later today. That little absence was shorter then expected. I look forward to meeting up with you all.