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(Oct 29, 2012)
Internet still down, I'm gonna try to get on tonight from somewhere though!
(Oct 28, 2012)
Postponing Alterac event until my connection is better. It's freaking horrible now.
(Oct 28, 2012)
Just discovered that our community has a Tsunami siren... we're okay though, we're downgraded to "Tsunami Advisory". Getting aftershocks though, crazy night.
(Oct 27, 2012)
Sorry I've been away, I've been so busy at work, and sick to boot... hope to be back with ya'll soon.
(Oct 26, 2012)
Didnt mean to ninja log. Had to leave the coffee shop I was at. Hopefully my Internet should be back soon
(Oct 23, 2012)
Post in the beer thread.... now
(Oct 22, 2012)
Missing the clergy! Hope to log in tonight.
(Oct 22, 2012)
Nah, Reliquary doesn't operate that way. Someone tries that crap - I know where the boot button is. <3 Chaste Guilds FTW!
(Oct 21, 2012)
v Heathen pooper!
(Oct 20, 2012)
(Oct 19, 2012)
Oh come now Moorwhelp, I'm sure we could find some.... arrangement...
(Oct 19, 2012)
(Oct 19, 2012)
I realized something. We are probably the only guild that has never exchanged sexual favors for rank. Stay chaste, clergy.
(Oct 16, 2012)
Moor! That's how rumors and religions get started....
(Oct 16, 2012)
server's up
(Oct 16, 2012)
Moorwhelp has died, Moorwhelp is risen, Moorwhelp will come again.
(Oct 16, 2012)
Happy Tuesday!