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(Jun 03, 2015)
I am and have been super busy finishing up all of my GED stuff. I know I've seemed to have vanish, but understand I am at the brink of having it all said and done. This Thursday I should have everything situated :)
(Jun 01, 2015)
Congrats to Fiona being given the opportunity to be a Prior! May she be of benefit to the Council of Bishops :P
(May 28, 2015)
A pious sister's guide to a happy Clergy.
(May 25, 2015)
Grats Tev!
(May 23, 2015)
Congrats to Tevaran. His Trial of the Inquisitor is passed. Be sure to cover him in dragon whelps or popcorn!
(May 14, 2015)
Heading back home tomorrow see everyone in game soon. :)
(May 12, 2015)
Will be gone today and tomorrow. Expecting to return Thursday. Going to visit a friend of mine.
(May 11, 2015)
Congratulations to Calharon for being Anointed and promoted to Canon Regular last night. Maeriann will be saved! Lets hope that will be a fun roleplay.
(May 01, 2015)
(Apr 24, 2015)
(Apr 23, 2015)
Fred and Phil went up the dias to fetch the Holy Water. Fred fell down and broke his crown, and Phil came tumbling after. When Phil came in how he did grin to see Fred's paper plaster; Mother vexed did whip him next for causing Fred's disaster.
(Apr 22, 2015)
You will bow before me!
(Apr 13, 2015)
Where are the whelps at in all of that?
(Apr 08, 2015)
- Dog Kingdom, and the Ferret Hordes. These three arch-enemies team up to save the humans and form the Three Paw Alliance and dismantle the Rabbit Empire. Man, I hate those dreams.
(Apr 08, 2015)
Sometimes I have night-terrors about the rabbits forming an empire, and the new rabbit empire invades the world, taking us by storm, and then the fate of humanity is up to the Three Paw Alliance to save. A conglomeration of the Cat Nomads, the
(Apr 06, 2015)
I fear the heathens are taking over.
(Apr 02, 2015)
Alright, I guess it's time to go back D:
(Apr 02, 2015)
Oh you heathens.
(Apr 02, 2015)
Alright. Time to go Wolverine up in here. WOLVERINES.
(Apr 01, 2015)