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(Dec 14, 2014)
Much love, Mayhoof.
(Dec 13, 2014)
So, my game time expires within the next 48 hours, and I won't be able to immediately resubscribe. As such! I'm afraid I will miss seeing some of you. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas though, and a veryveryvery happy new year. :)
(Nov 28, 2014)
well. DDoS is back. xD
(Nov 27, 2014)
Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving!
(Nov 20, 2014)
I'm comin home im comin home tell the guild im comin home! got myself a new computer so i should be back in game on the new expansion within the next few days!:D
(Nov 16, 2014)
Back for one month! though not all the time-- still studying. x.x
(Nov 14, 2014)
Our Benevolent Pontiff has Returned! Thanks be to the Holy Light!
(Oct 30, 2014)
Congratulations to Superior Mother Maeriann, who has ascended to Bishop-Elect of Stormwind in the absence of His Holiness.
(Oct 24, 2014)
Event for priests and paladins of the Clergy at Uther's Tomb, 7pm ST. Dress in appropriate habit please!
(Oct 15, 2014)
The Constitution of the Lightsworn Order is now available on the site. Give it a looksee, my pretty paladins!
(Oct 12, 2014)
Please join us for High Liturgy tonight (10/12) in the Cathedral of Light at 8pm ST! Come to Northshire afterwards for our ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Northshire Academy of Divinity!
(Oct 05, 2014)
Please join us for High Liturgy tonight (10/5) in the Cathedral of Light at 7pm ST! We look forward to seeing you there!
(Oct 05, 2014)
Mard fard. We miss you. Hurry up and come back to us.
(Oct 05, 2014)
ok update time XD got my internet back but i cant afford game time yet. soon tho. sooooooooooooon -creepy stare-
(Oct 04, 2014)
(Oct 04, 2014)
(Oct 04, 2014)
yea Mine is always open xD
(Oct 03, 2014)
(Oct 03, 2014)
(Oct 01, 2014)
I'm gonna say Dan got ahold of Jenny's shiv account? ^